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Tag: Urban Parks Movement

Humboldt River Ed P. Reyes Greenway Clean Water & Parks Justice

The Humboldt River Ed P. Reyes Greenway is a multibenefit park and clean water justice project to enhance Los Angeles River water quality by removing pollutants (oil, bacteria, trash) from dry-weather urban runoff, while providing natural habitat and much-needed community recreational […]

Take Action Comics: Los Angeles State Historic Park

The City Project’s full-length comic book highlights our work with diverse allies. Our flagship project was the successful struggle to create what is now Los Angeles State Historic Park. The City Project influential and highly acclaimed report The Cornfield and the […]

The Reclamation of Public Parks: An Analysis of Environmental Justice in Los Angeles

In The Reclamation of Public Parks, Scripps College graduate Allison Rigby explores social justice, placemaking, and gentrification in her 2014 senior thesis on public parks and environmental justice in Los Angeles. Rigby’s research aims to expand the dialogue on the role […]

Urban Green 3.0 Hamburg Museum Parque Madrid Río Nic Garcia The City Project

                  Click the picture for a larger image The Hamburg Museum exhibit Urban Green 3.0 includes photos of Parque Madrid Río by City Project photographer Nic García. The exhibit features projects, visions, and ideas worldwide […]

KTYM Radio "The L.A. Park Deficit" The City Project's Dayana Molina and Robert Garcia July 30 1 pm

Charles R. Drew University Presents: “Good News Radio Magazine” The L.A. Park Deficit The City Project’s Dayana Molina and Robert Garcia KTYM 1460 AM July 30, 2014, at 1:00 pm Co – Hosted by Charles McWells & Melanie Rodriguez Visit […]

Environmental Justice: Where Are We Now? National Association of Environmental Law Societies March 28-29 Harvard Law School The City Project

Join the Harvard Environmental Law Society for the 26th Annual National Association of Environmental Law Societies Conference on March 28–29, 2014 at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA. In recognition of the 20th anniversary of President Clinton’s Executive Order on […]

Pioneer Charles Lee Reflects on Environmental Justice Order 12898 at 20

  By Charles Lee In 1994, I had the distinct honor of being invited to the Oval Office for President Clinton’s signing of Executive Order (EO) 12898 on environmental justice (EJ).  As one of the persons who played a pioneering role in […]

Presidential Proclamation 20th Anniversary of Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice

20TH ANNIVERSARY OF EXECUTIVE ORDER 12898 ON ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE – – – – – – – BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION Two decades ago, President William J. Clinton directed the Federal Government to tackle […]

A seminal moment in the history and greening of L.A.: Parks, the Environmental Justice Order, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

 The President’s Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice is greening Los Angeles. Federal agencies are not just talking about the EJ Order and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they are taking action. The National Park Service recognizes there are […]

Tracking the Environmental Justice Movement Over Five Decades – New Report Dr. Robert Bullard

HOUSTON, Texas – February 9, 2014 – On Tuesday environmental justice groups and coalitions from around the country will commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the historic Environmental Justice Executive Order 12898 ”Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income […]