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Beach Gate

California’s coast belongs to all the people. The California Coastal Commission is taking important steps to maximize public access to the beach. The Commission has ordered an end to phony “no trespassing” and “private beach” signs on Broad Beach in Malibu, and to security guards on all terrain vehicles who harass the public. The Commission has published a guide with maps showing public access to and along the beach, which is available at The Sheriff’s Department has agreed to protect the public’s right to use the beach.

These are significant developments in The City Project’s campaign to keep the beach free for all the people of California. Our recommendations appear in our policy paper describing the history and pattern of discriminatory access to the beach, which is available at

More remains to be done, however. For example, paths to and along the beach should be clear and well marked. The path to Broad Beach looks like the entrance to a garbage dump instead of a world-class beach, and is marked by misleading signs that discourage beach users.

The problems of beach access are not limited to Broad Beach, but extend along Malibu and other hot spots of opposition to beach access up and down the coast.

Take action and show your support for public access to the beach by writing to:

Linda Locklin
Coastal Access Program
California Coastal Commission
725 Front Street, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, California, 95060.