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Taylor Yard Groundbreaking

The groundbreaking for the state park in Taylor Yard took place in January 2005. The event marked the beginning of construction at the site and celebrated the award of state and federal funds to build the 40-acre park.

The ceremony was attended by, Congressman Xavier Becerra, Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, Mayor James Hahn, City Councilmen Ed Reyes and Eric Garcetti, California Department of Parks and Recreation Director Ruth Coleman and our client Raul Macias, President and Founder of Anahauk Youth Soccer Association.

In November 2004, the state awarded $5.5 million for soccer fields and youth services at Taylor Yard as part of the greening of the Los Angeles River. The federal government has awarded $3 million for the River Revitalization Plan. The City Project helped shape the social and environmental justice components of the plan.

The City Project helped build and lead the effort to stop an industrial development and create a park in Taylor Yard that will meet the diverse needs of diverse users. In November 2003, state and local officials unveiled the conceptual plan for Taylor Yard after a series of community meetings.

The park in Taylor Yard will feature soccer fields, a running track, and other sports. The park will also have 20 acres of natural parkland, a picnic area, bike paths, and an amphitheater.

The groundbreaking at Taylor Yard brings us one step closer to a comprehensive and coherent web of parks, playgrounds, forests, and beaches in Los Angeles.