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Transit to Trails with inner city families from Anahuak Youth Association at Temescal Gateway Park May 2007.
Click here to see a map of Temescal Gateway Park.

Temescal Gateway Park in the Pacific Palisades has been leasing public parkland to a private preschool. A request for a lease extension until January 2009 was challenged by The City Project, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Anahuak Youth Association and others who advocated that this site be used to increase public access to the park, especially for underserved youth from urban Los Angeles. The City Project and Anahuak organized several hundred people to attend the three-hour Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy board meeting, which voted to deny the lease extension by an 8-1 margin. The Park is a destination for Transit to Trails, and the private school lease was for the only accessible grassy area in the Park that can accommodate large groups of children.

Pacific Palisades has 404.84 acres of parks per thousand residents, compared to .25 acres in Maywood, .66 acres in East L.A., .67 in Lynwood, and .78 in Compton. Those are not typos; the disparities are that dramatic. Pacific Palisades is disproportionately white and wealthy, compared to those communities and the County of Los Angeles. As a matter of simple justice, Palisades groups need to share Temescal Gateway Park with others. Source: The City Project, Park Acreage for Cities/Communities/Neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, Chart 1203C, available at

At a special hearing before the Conservancy, on July 7, 2008, The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Board voted 8-1, and the Advisory Board voted unanimously, to keep Temescal Gateway Park open for all. The Conservancy upheld the decision by the Executive Director and Staff not to renew a non-renewable lease for a private day care center at the Park, denying the appeal by a private Palisades group. Several hundred people attended the hearing at the Park.

Download the Public Comments from the diverse alliance (partial list below).

Anahuak Youth Association
Assosacion de Fraternidades Guatemaltecas (AFG)
California Pan Ethnic Health Network
Coalition Against Militarism in Schools (CAMS)
Congreso de Hermandad Centro Americana
Comite Pro Uno Maywood
Comunidad Salvadoreña La Placita
Cristian Avalos for Congress
Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana
Knights of Columbus
La Placita Church
Latinos for Peace
Los Angeles Gardens and Urban Farms
League of Latin-American United Citizens (LULAC)
Mexican-American Political Association (MAPA)
National Hispanic Environmental Council (NHEC)
Palisadians for Peace
School of the Americas Watch L.A. (SOAW-LA)
The City Project
Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and
Action (TIGRA)
(partial list)

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