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Staff Photo - Group Shot
On May 13, 2005, the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles City Council Ad Hoc Committee on the Los Angeles River awarded the L.A. River Community Group Advocate award to The City Project “for extensively publishing research and findings on urban parks and their benefits for the River and for your contribution to the greening of the River through your work on the Cornfields and Taylor Yard state parks.” The Board of Public Works commended The City Project for its “commitment, dedication, and outstanding services to the people of Los Angeles.”

The City Project is spearheading the creation of a Heritage Parkscape connecting parks and other historical, educational, and environmental links along the River. With the creation of the Los Angeles State Historic Park and El Río de Los Angeles State Park, and $8.5 million in state and federal funding to help green the River, people will be able to play, walk, run, and relax along the River. The greening of the Los Angeles River was an integral part of the 1930 Olmsted Vision for Los Angeles. Today The City Project is working with others to make that vision a reality.