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Oil Drilling and Community Health in Baldwin Hills
L.A. River Headwaters, Canoga Park.

The final River Plan and EIR have been released. The City Project with the Alianza de los Pueblos del Río submitted public comments incorporated in the final documents. The comments improve river revitalization to ensure the fair treatment of people of all colors, cultures, and incomes. Major recommendations include:

  • Explicitly provide for parks with active recreation to improve human health and reduce obesity.
  • Ensure the fair allocation of the economic benefits of revitalization through specific goals for local jobs and affordable housing.
  • Prevent gentrification and displacement.
  • Provide shared use of parks and schools along the river.
  • Include diverse public art and cultural centers and programs along the river, including the Heritage Parkscape.
  • Include transit to trails to move people along the river and to mountains and beaches. The 25 cent DASH should link El Pueblo, the Cornfield
    and Taylor Yard in one continuous parkscape.
  • The city, county, and other agencies should collaborate on revitalizing the entire 52 miles of the river to ensure underserved communities between
    Vernon and the ocean receive their fair share of benefits.
  • Continue revitalization processes that are transparent and engage the public.
  • The area from Taylor Yard to the Cornfield to El Pueblo should be one continuous parkscape and serve as a best practice example of community
    and revitalization.
  • Extend demographic analyses to a 3 mile radius along the river to more accurately assess the impact of revitalization.
  • Proactively comply with environmental justice and civil rights laws.
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