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The Los Angeles Times published “How can L.A. create better places to play?” on June 1, 2007, showing disparities in park access by city council district, based on our Policy Report on Healthy Parks, Schools, and Communities: Mapping Green Access and Equity for the Los Angeles Region, published in April 2007.

We published our statewide study Healthy Parks, Schools, and Counties: Mapping Green Access and Equity for California in June 2007. California voters in November 2006 approved over $50 billion in park and clean water, flood control, housing, education, and transportation infrastructure bonds. Natural public places, including parks, school fields, rivers, beaches, forests, mountains, and trails, are a necessary part of any infrastructure for healthy, livable, just communities. This Policy Report provides information to help guide the investment of public resources to maximize public access to, and support for, natural public places while ensuring the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, and incomes. The Report calls for a state-wide vision and strategic plan for the investment of resource bonds to alleviate real and perceived inequities in access to green space and recreation.