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Robert García

Mr. García is the author or co-author of the following publications.

Keeping the Baldwin Hills Clean and Green for Generations to Come, Policy Report, The City Project (2010) (with Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles, Elise Meerkatz and Seth Strongin)

Social Science, Equal Justice, and Public Health Policy: Lessons from Los Angeles, 30 Journal of Public Health S26 (2009) (with Chad Fenwick)

Economic Stimulus, Green Space, and Equal Justice, Policy Report, The City Project (2009) (with Zoe Rawson, Meagan Yellot, and Christina Zaldaña)

Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Mapping Green Access and Equity for California Policy Report, The City Project (2007) (with Aubrey White)

Warren County’s Legacy for Healthy Parks, Schools, and Communities: From the Cornfield to el Congreso and Beyond, 1 Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal 127 (2007)

We Shall Be Moved: Community Activism as a Tool for Reversing the Rollback, chapter in the book Awakening from the Dream: Pursuing Civil Rights in a Conservative Era, edited by Denise C. Morgan et al. (2006) (with Erica Flores Baltodano)

Race, Poverty, Justice and Katrina: Reflections on Public Interest Law and Litigation in the United States, in Public Interest Law in Ireland: The Reality & the Potential, Conference Proceedings (FLAC 2006)  

Conference Report Working Group Recommendations, Role of Race, Ethnicity and Class, in Special Issue on Legal Representation of Children, 6 Nevada Law Journal 634-41 (2006)

Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Mapping Green Access and Equity for the Los Angeles Region, Policy Report, The City Project (2006) (with Aubrey White)

Anatomy of the Urban Parks Movement: Equal Justice, Democracy and Livability in Los Angeles, chapter in the book The Quest for Environmental Justice: Human Rights and the Politics of Pollution, edited by Dr. Robert Bullard and published by the Sierra Club (2005) (with Erica Flores Baltodano)

Free the Beach! Public Access, Equal Justice, and the California Coast, 2 Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 143 (2005) (with Erica Flores Baltodano)

Healthy Children, Healthy Communities, and Legal Services, published in a special issue on Environmental Justice for Children in the Journal of Poverty Law and Policy by the National Center on Poverty Law and the Clearinghouse Review (May-June 2005) (with Erica Flores Baltodano)

CEQA and the Urban Parks Movement, chapter in the book Everyday Heroes Protect the Air We Breathe, the Water We Drink, and the Natural Areas We Prize, PCL and CLCV (2005) (with Jan Chatten Brown)

Cross Road Blues: Transportation Justice and the MTA Consent Decree, chapter in the book Running on Empty edited by Prof. Karen Lucas (2004) (with Thomas A. Rubin)

Healthy Children, Healthy Communities: Parks, Schools, and Sustainable Regional Planning, article in the Urban Equity Symposium in 31 Fordham Urban Law Journal 101 (2004) (with Erica Flores Baltodano)

Dreams of Fields: Soccer, Community, and Equal Justice, Policy Report, The City Project (2002) (with Erica Flores Baldtodano and Elizabeth Pine)

The Legacy of Rodney King and a Testament of Hope, ABA publication Goal IX (2002)

Op/Ed, Perspective on the Rampart Scandal: This Case Calls for a Truly Outside Inquiry, L.A. Times, Feb. 20, 2000 (with Senator Tom Hayden and Paul Hoffman).

Mean Streets, Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy (Sept. 2000) (transportation justice and civil rights)

Riots and Rebellion: Civil Rights, Police Reform and the Rodney King Beating (1997). Multimedia law school casebook published on CD-ROM.  Excerpts on the Web received the Los Angeles Times Pick Award for "what’s new, timely, useful and interesting on the Web."  "We believe that your site is of real value."

"Garbage In, Gospel Out": Criminal Discovery, Computer Reliability, and the Constitution, 38 UCLA Law Review 1043 (1991)

Rape, Lies, and Videotape, 25 Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review 711 (1992) (symposium on evidence)

Latinos and Criminal Justice, 14 UCLA Chicano/Latino Law Review 6 (1994) (symposium on Latinos and the law)

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), in the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (Leonard W. Levy, Kenneth L. Karst & John G. West, Jr., eds., Supp. I 1992)