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How can L.A. create better places to play?
Deborah Schoch, Los Angeles Times, June 1, 2007.

Baldwin Hills Summit: Mix of Oil, Parkland Discussed
Gary Walker, Culver City News 26 July 2007. 7 Aug 2007

Getting physical
Editorial. Los Angeles Times 12 July. 2007.

Summer Bummer
Cost of Lifeguards at Miguel Contreras School Keeps Olympic-Sized Pool Off Limits to the Community
Evan George, Staff Writer Los Angeles Downtown News June 25, 2007

Budget Problems Keep New Downtown Public Pool Unused
Community Group ACORN Protests Lack of Access to Pool
Subha Ravindhran, ABC7, July 31, 2007

Failure To Open New Pool Makes Waves Among Residents and KNBC (NBC4 Los Angeles) July 31, 2007

The Mayor, the Kids…and the Absurd Politics of City Pools
Celeste Fremon, WitnessLA, July 31st, 2007

Funds for Pool, But no General
Public Use
News Brief, Los Angeles Downtown News, July 23, 2007

Consejal busca fondos para abrir piscina al publico/Councilman Seeks Funds to Open Miguel Contreras Pool
Andrea Carrión Diario HOY 213.237.4572 19 de julio, 2007

Vecinos presionan para que se abra piscina
Andrea Carrión Diario HOY 213.237.4572 17 de julio, 2007

La comunidad pide que abran al público piscina en Miguel Contreras
Agustín Durán,
La Opinion and MSNBC 13 de julio de 2007

Mr. Mayor, tear down that fence
Kevin Roderick LAObserved July 13, 2007

KABC TV 7 Eyewitness News July 5, 6:00 pm Open the Pool

The Pool’s Full of Water but the Kids Can’t Swim Summertime Blues: LA Kids Locked Out of LA School Pools
Warren Olney Which Way, L.A.? July 2, 2007

Open the Miguel Contreras Pool
Editorial Downtown News July 2, 2007 /

Mayor Takes Steps to Cool Pool Dispute Times Staff and Wire Reports. Aug. 4 2007.

Persiste la lucha por piscina/The struggle for the pool goes on
Andrea Carrión Diario, Aug. 8 2007.

Inician transporte a piscinas/Swim Shuttles Begin
Ortega, Jazmín. La Opinion 10 Aug. 2007.

Pool ‘Solution’ Is Hardly Worth Cheering
Editorial. Downtown News 13 Aug. 2007.

L.A. Kids Get a Lift to the Pool
ACORN E-News 14 Aug. 2007.

Cybermural: The Web as the Wall
Kino, Carol. N.Y. Times 12 Aug. 2007.

An open park to all: The group overseeing Griffith Park’s master plan should reach out to Angelenos who need the park the most.
Martínez, Rubén. Los Angeles Times Opinion Page 17 Aug. 2007

Public Interest Law and Beyond: An Interview With Robert Garcia
Collard, Aideen. Bar Review of Ireland, Issue 5, Vol. 12. November 2006.
Posted: September 5th, 2007

Greener pastures for VA land
Editorial. Los Angeles Times 2 Sept. 2007

The Olmsted vision, and the poverty of L.A. parks today
Editorial. Los Angeles Times. Sept. 3 2007.

Se esfuma la posibilidad de abrir piscina al público
Por Andrea Carrión Diario HOY 213.237.4572, 1 de agosto, 2007

School pool or people’s plunge?
Residents living near the downtown-area Miguel Contreras Learning Complex would like to take a dip in the campus’ gleaming waters.
By Bob Pool, Times Staff Writer, August 1, 2007

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