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Diversifying Access to and Support for the Forests

Report CoverThe City Project is leading a broad alliance to diversify access to and support for our national forests. The forests are part of a broader vision for meeting the diverse green space needs of all the people of California. Download our Forest Policy Brief. Download the Policy Brief en español.

In August 2004 The City Project submitted public comments on behalf of a diverse coalition of social justice organizations, conservationists, community groups, and everyday people concerning the Forest Service Management Plans and Draft Environmental Impact Statement that will shape the future of the forests.

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Report CoverPublic Transportation to Local National Forests

There is virtually no good way to reach the four Southern California
forests using public transportation according to Public Transportation
to Local National Forests
, a study by the
University of Southern California Department of Geography that
documents the need for improved public transit to diversify support
for and improve access to the four forests in Southern California.
The Southern California National Forests constitute four of the
most urban-influenced forests in the United States, serving an
increasingly diverse population of over 20 million people who live
within an hour’s drive of the four forests. However, people of
color and low-income communities in Southern California disproportionately
lack access to a vehicle to drive themselves and their families
to the four forests in Southern California. Without adequate public
transportation, many of these residents are denied access to the

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