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Diverse allies united through the San Gabriel Mountains Forever campaign hosted cabinet level federal officials at a Listening Session for America’s Great Outdoors at Whittier Narrows Regional Park on July 7, 2010. Speakers included the following community panelists.

Robert Bracamontes America’s Great Outdoors and Equal Justice: Save Our Land, Parks and Sacred Sites

Robert Bracamontes of the Acjachemen Nation, Juaneno Tribe, urges cabinet level federal officials: “The bankers and financial corporations have been saved. Now it is time to save the people and their land.” MIT Professor Noam Chomsky writes: “Very eloquent piece.  Packs a lot in to a few minutes.  Hope some of it penetrated.” Mr. Bracamontes asks federal officials to (1) create a national recreation area in the San Gabriel Mountains with Native American participation; (2) save the Native American Sacred Site of Panhe and San Onofre State Beach; (3) save endangered state parks by investigating the administrative complaint filed by The City Project with diverse allies, and (4) save San Francisco Peaks in Arizona … More on YouTube

Martin Nava Community Health and America’s Great Outdoors

Martin Nava, Director of Community Health of Old Timers Foundation, calls for a national recreation area in the San Gabriel Mountains to provide recreation, green space and Transit to Trails for park poor communities of color and low income communities who disproportionately suffer from obesity and diabetes in South East Los Angeles, citing The City Project’s workMore on YouTube

Claire Robinson Amigos San Gabriel Mountains Forever and AGO

Claire Robinson from Amigos de los Rios emphasizes the need for equity and access to recreation in the San Gabriel region where 1/3 of the residents are under 18 … More on YouTube

May Cooc Youth Conservation, San Gabriel Mountains Forever and AGO

May Cooc, a Youth Conservation Leader with the Student Conservation Association, focuses on the impact of conservation on youth … More on YouTube

Daniel Rossman Wilderness, San Gabriel Mountains Forever and AGO

Daniel Rossman of the Wilderness Society reports the San Gabriels provide 70% of the open space in Los Angeles County and 1/3 of the drinking water. Advocates support adding 30,000 acres and 44 miles of wild and scenic rivers … More on YouTube

In addition, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson declared the Los Angeles River a navigable water on July 7. This means not only that the Clean Water Act applies. The Public Trust doctrine also applies to ensure that the benefits and burdens of revitalizing the Los Angeles River are distributed fairly for all the people along the River. The City Project’s Staff Attorney Erica Flores Baltodano has analyzed the Public Trust doctrine, Environmental Justice and navigable waters in the article Free the Beach! Public Access, Equal Justice, and the California Coast published in the Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Learn more about America’s Great Outdoor Listening Sessions in English and Spanish . . .